‘Two methods to choose from when putting type into a circle’

Dan X. Solo, The Solotype Catalog of 4,147 Display Typefaces (p. 208):

A photo circle distorts the type, making each letter wedge-shaped, and giving a tighter, smoother appearance to the job. But if the diameter is small and the type is wide, the distortion of the letters is quite obvious.

A studio circle, which imitates what you might do by pasting the letters around a curved baseline, leaves the letters undistorted, but gives the line a loose look. If the type is wide or the diameter small, there is a noticeable roughness to the effect.

Here’s an image with examples. Dig the demonstration of narrow/normal/wide type and that handy clock tip. For studio circles on the web, check out Peter Hrynkow’s CircleType.js.

Hey Nick Sherman, thanks for sharing this photo and pointing me to it.

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